Source: MRS 2020
MRS: 602 — Salad Entrees (600s)

Ranch Chicken Salad

Meal Component Contribution:
2½ oz. eq. meat/meat alternate, 1 oz. eq. whole grain, ½ cup dark green vegetable, ¼ cup red/orange vegetable,½ cup other vegetable
Number of Portions: 100  Size of Portion: 1 salad
Recipe HACCP Process: #2 - Same day service
Meat/Meat Alternate Whole Grains Vegetables (Dark Green) Vegetables (Red/Orange) Vegetables (Other)
  •  Meat/Meat Alternate
  •  Whole Grains
  •  Vegetables (Dark Green)
  •  Vegetables (Red/Orange)
  •  Vegetables (Other)

Chicken Fillets, Grilled, #1020
100  fillets
Bread, WGR, #1225
100  slices
Pan Release Spray, Butter Flavored #2516
100  sprays
Spice Blend MS, Italian, No Salt, #2734
1/2 cups + 1  tablespoons
Lettuce, Green Loose Leaf, Crowns, Fresh, #4007
4  pounds
Salad Mix, Iceberg, Carrot, Red Cabbage, #4012
16  pounds
Salad, Mesclun Mix, (Spring Mix), #4014
12  pounds
Onions, Red, Whole, Fresh, #4102
1  quarts , sliced
Tomatoes, Cherry, Fresh, #4108
8  pounds + 8  ounces
Cheese, Parmesan, Grated, #1304
3  pounds + 2  ounces
Dressing, Lite Ranch, PC, 1.5 ounce #2205
100  packets


Bake chicken patty according to package and/or case directions. Overcooking will cause the patty to become dry.

CCP:  Heat to 160 degrees F or higher for 15 seconds at the completion of the cooking process.


To make croutons:

  • Place bread in freezer prior to cutting into cubes to make cutting bread into cubes easier. Cut each slice of bread 4 x 4.
  • Place cut bread cubes onto a sheet pan sprayed with butter flavored pan release spray. Spray cubes with butter flavored pan release spray and sprinkle with Italian spice blend. Mix gently to incorporate seasoning.
  • Toast in a preheated low-heat oven 325° F for approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • Bread cubes should be dried out but not burned.


Wash and thoroughly drain tomatoes and green leaf lettuce if not prewashed.
Finely chop lettuces.
Combine all salad greens and fill salad tray with 2 cups of mixed salad greens.


Place 3 cherry or 6 grape tomatoes in right top corner of salad tray.


Cut each chicken patty in strips and place in center of salad.


Weigh 1 ounce of croutons to determine volume measure. Place croutons in top left hand corner.


Sprinkle ½ ounce of parmesan cheese on each salad and garnish with 2 red onion rings.
Parmesan cheese may be served in a 1 ounce container to avoid dairy allergy concerns.


Place 1½ ounce packet of ranch dressing in bottom right corner.


Portion 1 salad for each serving. Each portion provides 2½ oz. eq meat/meat alternate, 1 oz. eq. whole grain, ½ cup dark green vegetable, ¼ cup red/orange vegetable, and ½ cup other vegetable.

CCP:  Hold under refrigeration (41 degrees F or lower) until ready for service.  Check temperature every 30 minutes. Cover, label, and date any leftovers.

Production Notes

Use USDA Foods products when available.
Refer to USDA FNS Food Buying Guide for School Meal Programs for quantities to purchase if recipe is altered.
If changes are made in ingredients, check crediting information and re-calculate the nutrition analysis.
"Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meal" provides seasoning and serving ideas for salads.

Note: If greens are not prewashed, rinse under cold running water and drain thoroughly.

Serving Notes

Parmesan cheese may be served on the side (see picture below for an example).

Miscellaneous Notes

Presentation Idea: A container allowing space for the salad, croutons and dressing is recommended. Clear plastic lid for eye appeal is preferable. Do not refrigerate croutons. When salad is ready for service, croutons should be placed in container.

Nutrients Per Serving
31.71 g
Dietary Fiber
3.07 g
29.53 g
1241.00 mg
Total Fat
23.55 g
Sat. Fat
6.24 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g

Illustrated Presentation of Ranch Chicken Salad

1 serving with Ranch Chicken Salad.


1 serving of Ranch Chicken Salad with parmesan cheese on the side.