Recipes included in Mississippi Recipes for Success (MRS) are divided into sections, depending on the type of meal and the main meal contribution of that recipe. The recipe section links create PDFs of all the recipes in that section. The printed edition of MRS includes covers and binders. Copies of these documents can also be downloaded from this webpage.

The Mississippi menu matrixes are included on this page to help with school breakfast and lunch meal planning. Several cooks’ tools are included in the printed edition of MRS. Copies of the information about weights and measures, serving utensils, portion control, food safety, and customizing recipes can be downloaded from this webpage.

Other helpful tools on this webpage include Mississippi spice blend training videos and links to child nutrition program resources from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.

Download PDFs used in printed edition:

Note: the pre-compiled PDFs listed here may not contain the most current versions of individual recipes.

Other Resources
Provided by the Mississippi Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition
MRS Spice Blend Video: Spaghetti
MRS Spice Blend Video: Chili
MRS Spice Blend Video: Baked Beans
MRS Spice Blend Video: Tacos

Provided by USDA
USDA FNS School Meal Programs
USDA Team Nutrition
USDA HealthierUS School Challenge
USDA Farm to School
USDA The School Day Just Got Healthier
USDA Smart Snacks in School