Search Help

The Mississippi Recipes for Success “Find a Recipe” search tool allows you to search hundreds of recipes by a variety of search criteria.

Using the search box, you can search the recipe database by the following:

  • MRS number
  • Recipe name
  • Individual ingredients

To search for recipes by specific My Plate Meal Components, click on any of the icons found to the right of the search bar and to the right of your search results.

Once your keyword(s) search has been conducted, you can further sort the results in several ways:

  • Numerically or alphabetically. Click the underlined column headers at the top of your search results.
  • MRS categories. Use the drop down box under the search bar.

To download printable PDFs of any recipe, click the red arrow in the far right column of the recipe results list. You can also click the red arrow in the top right corner of each recipe.

In order to achieve more accurate results, the “Find a Recipe” tool can help refine your search by entering your keyword(s) in the following different ways:

chicken sandwichEntries containing both “chicken” and “sandwich”.
chicken OR sandwichEntries containing either “chicken” or “sandwich” or both.
Note: “OR” must be capitalized.
chicken -sandwichEntries containing “chicken” but not “sandwich”.
"chicken sandwich"Entries containing the exact phrase “chicken sandwich”.
chi*Entries containing a word that starts with “chi”.
*wichEntries containing a word that ends with “wich”.