Source: MRS 2021
MRS: 6085 — Vegetables (5500s)

Potato Salad (Canned)

Meal Component Contribution:
½ cup starchy vegetable
Number of Portions: 50  Size of Portion: ½ cup
Recipe HACCP Process: #1 - No cook
Vegetables (Starchy)
  •  Vegetables (Starchy)

Eggs, Whole, Hard Cooked, #1323
6  eggs
Potatoes, Diced, White, #10 Can, #2818
2  #10 cans + 2  quarts
Sugar, Granulated, #2027
1/4 cup
Mayonnaise, Reduced Calorie, Bulk, #2249
1  quart
Pimentos, Diced, Canned, #2817
1  cup
Peppers, Green, Diced, Frozen, #1613
3/4 cup
Celery, Fresh, Diced, #4005
1/2 cup
Onions, Chopped, Dehydrated, #2738
1  cup
Pickles, Relish, Sweet, #2816
2  cups


Chop the eggs, then refrigerate them until ready for use.

CCP:  Hold under refrigeration (41 degrees F or lower).


Open the cans of potatoes. Rinse the potatoes well under cool running water and drain them thoroughly. Place the potatoes in a large bowl.


Combine the sugar and the mayonnaise in a bowl. Add the mayonnaise mixture to the diced potatoes, then stir in the pimentos, green peppers, celery, onion and pickle relish. Mix the ingredients well to combine.


Refrigerate the salad to chill. It is best if the salad is chilled overnight before serving.

CCP:  Cover and refrigerate at 41 degrees F or lower until ready for service.


Portion potato salad with #8 scoop per serving. Each portion provides ½ cup of starchy vegetable.

CCP:  Hold under refrigeration (41 degrees F or lower) until ready for service. Check temperature every 30 minutes.  Cover, label, and date any leftovers .

Production Notes

Use USDA Foods or Department of Defense (DOD) foods when available.
Refer to USDA FNS Food Buying Guide for School Meal Programs for quantities to purchase if recipe is altered.
If changes are made in ingredients, check crediting information and re-calculate the nutrition analysis.
”Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals: Preparing Salads“ provides seasoning and serving ideas for salads.

Nutrients Per Serving
27.04 g
Dietary Fiber
3.08 g
2.76 g
574.24 mg
Total Fat
6.99 g
Sat. Fat
0.82 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g