Source: MRS 2023
MRS: 3135 — Poultry (3000s)

Chicken and Dumplings (Enriched)

Meal Component Contribution:
2 oz. eq. meat/meat alternate, 1 oz. eq. enriched grain
Number of Portions: 50  Size of Portion: 3/4 cup
Recipe HACCP Process: #2 - Same day service
Meat/Meat Alternate Enriched Grain
  •  Meat/Meat Alternate
  •  Enriched Grain

Tortilla, Soft Flour, 6”, #1221
50  tortillas
Margarine, Bulk, #1319
8  ounces
Flour, All Purpose, Enriched, #2011
1  cup
Milk, Lowfat, Unflavored,1% Milk Fat
1  quart
Water, Municipal, Mississippi
2 1/2 gallons
Base, Chicken, Low Sodium, #2501
1  cup
Salt, Table, #2723
2  teaspoons
Pepper, Black, Ground, #2718
2  teaspoon
Chicken, Diced, Cooked, IQF, #1019
8  pounds + 8  ounces


Cut tortillas into 1 ½ inch squares.
Helpful hint: To make 1 ½ inch squares, cut tortillas 3 times across in each direction.


Melt margarine in a pot.  Whisk in flour until well blended and smooth, about 1 ½ minutes.


Combine milk, water, chicken base, salt, and pepper. Add gradually to flour and margarine mixture.  Stir gently to combine. Bring to a rolling boil.


Drop tortillas into the sauce in small batches. Cook over medium heat until tortillas are tender, approximately 10 minutes. Stir gently to prevent tortillas from sticking.


Add thawed chicken to hot mixture and heat thoroughly.

CCP: Heat to 165 degrees F or higher for 15 seconds at the completion of the
cooking process. If manufacturer instructions on package or case have a higher
temperature, follow those recommendations.


Pour into serving pans. Serve immediately or cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and place in warmer until ready for service. 

CCP:  Hold and maintain product at a minimum temperature of 135 degrees F. Check temperature every 30 minutes.


Portion with 6 ounce ladle (¾ cup) per serving. Each portion provides 2 oz. eq. meat/meat alternate and 1 oz. eq. of enriched grain.

CCP: Hold and maintain the product at a minimum temperature of 135 degrees F or higher. Check temperature every 30 minutes. Leftovers should be covered,
labeled, and dated. Quick chill within 2 hours to 70 degrees F or lower and from
70 to 41 degrees F or lower within an additional 4 hours.

Production Notes

Biscuits may be used instead of tortillas. For 100 servings, use 100 1 oz. eq. biscuits. Cut it into quarters for 4 pieces of dumpling from each biscuit. If biscuits are used, the nutrient analysis and crediting will need to be re-calculated.

Use USDA Foods products when available.
Refer to USDA FNS Food Buying Guide for School Meal Programs for quantities to purchase if recipe is altered.
If changes are made in ingredients, check crediting information and re-calculate the nutrition analysis.
"Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meal" provides seasoning and serving ideas for poultry.

Serving Notes

May sprinkle parsley once the dish has been placed into serving pans to increase eye appeal.

Miscellaneous Notes

Yield: 50 servings is about 3 1/8 gallons.

Nutrients Per Serving
18.94 g
Dietary Fiber
0.15 g
27.06 g
526.00 mg
Total Fat
9.53 g
Sat. Fat
4.25 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g

Illustrated Steps for Preparation of Chicken and Dumplings (Enriched)

Cut tortillas three times across in each direction.


Stir tortillas in the broth.


1 serving of Chicken and Dumplings (with tortillas).


Alternate directions: cut biscuits it into quarters.


Alternate directions: 1 serving of Chicken and Dumplings (with biscuits).