Source: MRS 2023
MRS: 1600 — Fish & Seafood (1500s)

Baked Fish Scandia

Meal Component Contribution:
2 oz. eq. meat/meat alternate
Number of Portions: 50  Size of Portion: 1 fillet
Recipe HACCP Process: #2 - Same day service
Meat/Meat Alternate
  •  Meat/Meat Alternate

Bun, Hamburger, WGR, #1228
3 1/2 buns
Lemon Juice, Canned/Bottled, #2247
1/2 cup
Salt, Seasoned, #2724
2  teaspoons
Pepper, Black, Ground, #2718
1/2 teaspoon
Sauce, Hot, PC, #2209
4  packets , 7 grams each
Parsley, Dried, Chopped, #2717
1/4 cup
Pan Release Spray, Vegetable Oil, #2514
10  second spray
Catfish Fillets, Raw, Unbreaded, #1038
50  fillets
Mayonnaise, Reduced Calorie, Bulk, #2249
3  cups
Cheese, American, Grated/Shredded, #1306
6  ounces


In a bowl, mix the bread crumbs, lemon juice, seasoned salt, pepper, hot pepper sauce, and parsley. Reservethis  for step 3.


Spray sheet pans with pan release spray. Place 25 fillets on each sheet pan (for 50 servings, use 2 pans).


Cover each fillet with a #60 scoop (1 tablespoon) of reduced fat mayonnaise. Spread mayonnaise over each portion with spatula.
Sprinkle ¾ cup of shredded cheese evenly over each pan of fish squares. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of bread crumb mixture on top of each fillet.


To bake:
Conventional oven: 400 degrees F for 25 minutes.
Convection oven: 350 degrees F for 25 minutes.
When done, fish should flake easily with a fork. For best results, batch-cook fish throughout the meal.

CCP:  Heat to 145 degrees F or higher for 15 seconds at the completion of the cooking process.


Transfer the baked fish fillets to a steamtable pan for service. Serve the Baked Fish Scandia immediately, or cover the steamtable pans and store in the warmer until ready for service. If aluminum foil is used as a cover, cut holes in aluminum foil.


Portion 1 fillet with topping per serving. Each portion provides 2 oz. eq. meat/meat alternate.

CCP:  Hold and maintain product at a minimum temperature of 135 degrees F. Check temperature every 30 minutes. Discard any leftovers.

Production Notes

Batch cook: Prepare only what can be served in a 30 minute period to maintain maximum quality.

Use USDA Foods or Department of Defense (DoD) products when available.
Refer to USDA FNS Food Buying Guide for School Meal Programs for quantities to purchase if recipe is altered.
If changes are made in ingredients, check crediting information and re-calculate the nutrition analysis.
"Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals: Preparing Fish" provides seasoning and serving ideas for fish.

Nutrients Per Serving
5.37 g
Dietary Fiber
0.97 g
16.51 g
561.00 mg
Total Fat
8.18 g
Sat. Fat
1.70 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g

Illustrated Steps for Preparation of Baked Fish Scandia

Raw catfish fillets topped with mayonnaise


Cheddar cheese sprinkled over catfish fillets


Raw catfish fillets being sprinkled with bread crumb mixture


1 serving of Baked Fish Scandia