Source: MRS 2023
MRS: 3145.1 — Poultry (3000s)

Chicken Quesadilla -USDA Foods

Meal Component Contribution:
2½ oz. eq. meat/meat alternate, 1½ oz. eq. whole grains, ¼ cup red/orange vegetable
Number of Portions: 60  Size of Portion: 1 quesadilla
Recipe HACCP Process: #2 - Same day service
Meat/Meat Alternate Whole Grains Vegetables (Red/Orange)
  •  Meat/Meat Alternate
  •  Whole Grains
  •  Vegetables (Red/Orange)

Chicken, Diced, Cooked, IQF, #1019
6  pounds + 8  ounces
Salsa, Bulk, #A237-USDA Foods
2  quarts
Water, Municipal, Mississippi
2  cups
Pan Release Spray, Vegetable Oil, #2514
20  second spray
Tortilla, Soft Flour, 8", #1222
60  tortillas
Cheese, Mozzarella, Shredded, USDA
2  pounds
Pan Release Spray, Vegetable Oil, #2514
20  second spray
Salsa, Bulk, #A237-USDA Foods
2  quarts


Thaw the chicken overnight in the refrigerator.

CCP: Hold under refrigeration (41 degrees F or lower).


Mix the salsa and chicken together.  Then steam it for 30 minutes.

If the chicken mixture is cooked in a braising pan, add 2 cups of water for every 60 servings of chicken. Omit the water if you use a steamer.


To assemble the quesadillas:

  • Spray an 18" x 24" sheet pan with pan release spray.
  • Place the tortillas on the sheet pans, 6 tortillas fit on each sheet pan.
  • Use a #8 scoop to place 4 ounces of meat on each tortilla. Sprinkle 2 ounces of cheese over the meat mixture.
  • Place another tortilla on top of the meat and cheese. Cut each quesadilla in half.

Alternate instructions: use a #16 scoop to place 2 ounces of meat on each tortilla. Sprinkle 1 ounce of cheese over the meat mixture. Then fold each tortilla in half. Place the folded quesadillas on a sheet pan to bake.


Spray tops of tortillas with cooking spray to aid in browning.


Bake the quesadillas at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes or until cheese melts.

CCP:  Heat to 165 degrees F or higher for 15 seconds at the completion of the cooking process. If manufacturer instructions on package or case have a higher temperature, follow those recommendations.


Portion 1 ounce of salsa into container.
Offer students salsa for selection.


Portion 1 half of a quesadilla with salsa per serving. Each portion provides 2½ oz. eq. of meat/meat alternate, 1½ oz. eq. whole grains, and ¼ cup red/orange vegetable.

CCP:  Hold and maintain product at a minimum temperature of 135 degrees F. Check temperature every 30 minutes. Discard any leftovers.

Production Notes

Use USDA Foods products when available.
Refer to USDA FNS Food Buying Guide for School Meal Programs for quantities to purchase if recipe is altered.
If changes are made in ingredients, check crediting information and re-calculate the nutrition analysis.
"Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals" provides seasoning and serving ideas for poultry.

Nutrients Per Serving
22.13 g
Dietary Fiber
3.83 g
17.67 g
292.00 mg
Total Fat
6.07 g
Sat. Fat
2.78 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g

Illustrated Steps for Preparation of Chicken Quesadilla - USDA Foods

Chicken and salsa mixed together


4 ounces of chicken mixture on each tortilla


1 ounce of cheese over meat mixture


Sheet pan of Chicken Quesadillas prepared using alternate folding instructions


1 serving of Chicken Quesadilla (prepared using the traditional directions)


1 serving of Chicken Quesadilla (prepared using the alternate directions)